Artist's Tips

We'd love to work with you - there are a few things you might want to consider first:

Are we selling for you and if so what?

Your original art? Your prints? And product we've produced from your art on our website? 

Styles and Mediums

There is no limitation to an artist's style or medium used, be it acrylic, charcoal, oil pastel, gouache, ink, lino cut on board, paper, hardboard or canvas. We're looking for originality and the artist's story, inspiration and passion. We're also partial to a bit of colour too.


We're looking for between 6 to 9 images per style of art, so we can create a series of products.

Original Art

We like a minimum of 5 pieces to photograph in one session. Each piece needs to clearly marked up with title, size, medium used and name of artist, carefully wrapped and supplied to us before the photography date.


Space is important - if you have a white background, don't forget to leave space around your final image. Don't worry if your image is bleed (bleeding off the edge/no border at all).

Limited edition or open edition prints? Signed or unsigned?

If you're planning on limiting your edition of prints then we will need to photograph the original unsigned, for you to sign the prints once produced and log the edition of prints. Open edition prints are unsigned, on a cheaper paper but this means a cheaper cost. Don't forget to sign the original once photographed.

Colours, reproduction and retouching

Some colours are renowned for being difficult to reproduce, especially brights, neons, golds and oranges. This is due to the various print production processes. We're dedicated to achieving accuracy and consistency across the board so we'll do our best. We can do a slight adjustment to colour - a global retouch - to enhance the colour but you will always approve.  Any huge adjustments and retouching will incur additional charges (pre-quoted beforehand). The types of paper (textured/smooth/silk) can also affect reproduction. In most cases you'll see a proof to approve first.


You, the artist, own all your original art, prints and products featured on our website and all pieces are offered to The English Art Co. on a sale or return basis. If we hold the original piece, then we will despatch to the customer when sold; if the artwork is with you, you will receive paperwork to despatch within 3 - 5 days.

We will charge a commission for all on-line sales to cover our marketing costs.

Artist portal

You will receive your own artist portal on our website. We'll need a good headshot of you, 9 to 12 studio shots of you at work and about 100 - 150 words. Here are some pointers:

Your career to date; what inspires you; what mediums you love to work in; what challenges you; what is your art about; what are your next plans; where you're exhibiting; what people say about your art; what is your creative process; what are you working on at the moment; what would be your dream project; something quirky about you?

We'll also need your social media links and website address details.


We'd prefer you to be present at our studio at the time of the photography so you can check the colours and image. If you can't be on site then you must be available at the time of the photography session so we can talk on Skype, Facetime and send you the test shot for approval.


You, the artist retains copyright of the images at all times.


Please make sure your original art is insured when it's with us. We can recommend Hancilla Canworth at Artists Network


We will notify you on a monthly basis and will pay your invoice within 14 days. All p&p payments received from the customer will be reimbursed to you the artist if you despatch.


Queries or prefer to discuss with Catriona? Please call her on 07968 131866 or email her at