New Artist News: Say hello to Samantha Ward Art!

Samantha Ward Art joins The English Art Co. to sell her beautiful, colourful paintings for the home.

Samantha’s artistic ability has always come naturally through her passion for colour and love of imagination. Growing up in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Samantha has been drawing from a very early age, the family kitchen table was always covered with a huge roll of paper to paint on. It was clear from the start that this was something she would be doing for life.

She now lives in London where she balances a full-time job in media with her passion for painting. Using every spare space in the house to paint, her main ambition is to create paintings for others' enjoyment; paintings and prints that not only look good and add interior flare, but also help make people homes a happier place.

Sam is inspired by colour, shapes and personalities of nature, from animals and plants to fruits and vegetables. She is also inspired by interiors and people’s homes, seeing a spot in a kitchen where a giant colourful pineapple could go or a happy peacock in the sitting room.

We’re now selling prints, framed and unframed and other sizing and canvas options are available. Please enquire by email or mobile 07968 131866.


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