Art Roundhay Park Survey Results Are In!

We're excited to share the results of Art Roundhay Park with you. Thank you to everyone who responded; however, we had 1100 through the doors - this is just a small percentage that heard about the survey and responded.

Interesting reading....

How did you hear about the event?

  • 50% recommendation
  • 17% Facebook
  • 17% our website

If you purchased, thank you. What did you purchase?:

  • Christmas cards, original art, notebooks, homewares
  • 50% did not purchase but came to view the art

Was it easy to find, as signposted or advertised?

  • 76% Yes
  • With suggestions for an A board, signage on The Mansion door, and more signage within the park

What did you think of the range of products available?

Very good, interesting and varied, lovely - a really nice selection in every price bracket. Good, fantastic, super and very appealing, a great selection of quality items, wide ranging and excellent quality, really good mix of products, but could do with more for variety, a good range considering the scale of the set-up, fab range - add mugs? I loved seeing the original artwork and the homewares made from them. There was a great selection of goods, a good range in terms of variety and price

How did you find the products in terms of value for money?

  • 36% Excellent
  • 24% Above average
  • 42% Average

Are there any products you would have liked to have seen available here? 

You'd like to see smaller prints @ £40/50, original photographs, wall prints, mugs, jewellery, scarves, pens and more of what was available.

Which products interested you the most?

Original art, framed prints and cards won the votes here followed by notebooks, soft furnishings and homewares

Ideally, what would you like this space to be used for in the future?

  • 50% Pop up shop
  • 39% Art Gallery
  • 11% Event venue

Would you like Art Roundhay Park event to return? And if so, would you be interested in attending the Private View (please leave email address).

100% said yes to Art Roundhay Park returning and you'd all like an invite to the Private View. 

Well there we have it, we will be in touch. If you'd like the actual % splits then please do get in touch. Any further comments, please feel free to comment below. Or if want to add to the survey, the link is here. Thank you.

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