The English Art Co. - Key Facts

Did you know £5.13* is the average hourly rate earnt by visual artists in the UK before they pay any overheads?

Catriona Moore and artist David Lyon, husband and wife team, founded The English Art Co. in 2107 to increase income for artists, after 25 years’ experience in the art, print and licensing industry.

Catriona has completed the 9-month "Sprint" and "Enable" Entrepreneurial Spark business accelerator programme sponsored by Nat West and KPMG.

The English Art Co.:

  • sells original art, prints and unique stationery and gifts, featuring the works of David Lyon Art and Samantha Ward Art;
  • creates unique quality products, featuring artists from the UK, that's made in the UK, by photographing original pieces of art that will reproduce onto anything; This includes notebooks, coasters, notecards, art prints, as well as the original pieces of art;
  • provides a platform for sales, be it on line, in retailers, art fairs and pop-ups.

Latest ranges include candles, homewares, aprons and oven gloves.

Business Model

Profit is made by a % mark-up of cost price, commission on sales and charging the artist a fee giving income back to the artist on a monthly basis. No sales no charges.

To date, The English Art Co.:

  • sells on line
  • in retailers
  • has recruited artists,
  • exhibited at Country Living Fairs
  • launched successful pop ups at Roundhay Park and HSBC banks in Leeds and York.

Product samples are currently in China being presented at the Henan International Investment and Trade Fair and to a department store chain in Beijing.

By 2020 the UK online retail sector is forecast to increase by 47.1%. The English Art Co. will have a share of that market.

Customer Profile

The end-user is called Susy, she's female, aged 45 - 64 years, lives in the suburbs.

  • She reads Ideal Home, Homes and Gardens and Good Housekeeping.
  • She shops at Sainsburys, Waitrose and M&S, buys British and supports independents. She likes to visit Country Living fairs and Tate Modern and she's interested in interior design, handcrafted individual homewares.
  • She always buys British and is passionate about supporting independents.
  • She loves The English Art Co.'s products, 93% voting positive/very positive; 93% voting high and very high quality
  • When buying our products quality is the most important factor (93%) followed by price (80%). Unique design and supporting local also important (53% each)

Brand Values

British - We're British all the way through.

Unique - Each range is unique to The English Art Co. as only we use the artist's original art.

Quality - Our ranges are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality possible.

Passion - We're passionate about art, our artists, our ranges and everything we do too!

All products are unique, proudly made in the UK, supporting artists in the UK

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