The "Lifetide" Series by David Lyon Art

The "Lifetide" Series

The "Lifetide" series by David Lyon Art has been popular at Art Roundhay Park. Here's what David says about his series:

"A series of paintings in acrylic on board composed, via sketch and collage, of semi abstract natural forms to convey an idea sparked by random marks on dust on a surface and the quote from Hippocrates:

“There is one common flow, one common breathing, all things are in sympathy.” — Hippocrates, 5th century B.C.

Notes on how the “Lifetide” series started:

  1. Brick dust over everything. Building work at home 2010. Random marks on surface of kitchen appliances reminiscent of organic shapes, animals, birds;
  2. Lunchtime doodle in a notebook, scribbling for the sake of it. The shapes are organic and grow on the page. Currently reading "Lifetide" by Lyall Watson;
  3. I decided to use the unusual shapes in the dust as a starting point for a new series of‚ abstract‚ work and, wanting the shapes to be more sophisticated than my doodle, begin to sketch out lifeform shapes;
  4. Collage is the next step to further realise colours and the composition of larger pieces - I have enough shapes for 12.  I want rhythm and a connection between the shapes - "the one common flow";
  5. In the final paintings (four so far) I reinterpret the colours of the collages".

The finished "Lifetide" series is available direct from David Lyon here and all of the pieces are available as limited edition giclée prints, framed or unframed here (by clicking through this link).