A Winter's Sleep - by Beverley Porter Ceramics

A Winter's Sleep - by Beverley Porter Ceramics


Beverley specialises in figurative ceramics, her work ranging in scale from small individual figures, to larger pieces with a sculptural quality.

Beverley's work is hand modelled - she works intuitively with the clay, allowing it to dictate the shape and form, with gestural marks made in the clay suggesting shape and movement. After bisque firing she colours each piece with a combination of underglaze pigments and coloured slips to emphasise surface texture. The pieces undergo a second slightly higher firing to set the pigments and then wax is applied to seal the surface and protect against dust and fingerprints. 

A Winter’s Sleep

A ceramic sculpture, hand-built and decorated with ceramic underglaze pigments and highlighted accents of gold leaf.

Size: 12cm x 20cm (approx)


Beverley Porter


CLICK + COLLECT: Leeds: Art Roundhay Park

The Mansion Conservatory, Roundhay Park, Mansion Lane, Leeds, LS8 2HH. 

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