Water Plant 1 - framed - by Ryoko Minamitani

Water Plant 1 - framed - by Ryoko Minamitani


Born in Japan, currently living and working in Leeds, Ryoko's art works have been shown in numerous exhibitions and galleries.She studied mixed media painting combined with meditation under Yokoo Tatsuhiko in Germany and holds an MA Art & Design from Leeds Beckett University. 

She explores the relationship between spirituality and artistic expression through meditative states, transferring the true nature of the inner unconscious behind the mental and emotional phenomena on a mixed media painting. She is influenced by abstract expressionism, psychology and spiritualism such as Shintoism, Buddhism, Non-dualism, Healing therapies. 

Winter Plant 1

Ink, acrylic, pencil and gold-leaf on paper, framed in white

Size: 60cm x 30cm


Ryoko Minamitani


CLICK + COLLECT: Leeds: Art Roundhay Park

The Mansion Conservatory, Roundhay Park, Mansion Lane, Leeds, LS8 2HH. 

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