The Phoenix in the Mist - framed canvas - by Sarah Thornton

The Phoenix in the Mist - framed canvas - by Sarah Thornton


“I’m definitely a tree hugger. A few weeks ago on my way to Art Roundhay Park with The English Art Co., my eyes were overjoyed to see that the park was shrouded in mist. I took my iPhone out and captured the moment, knowing that I wanted to make some art. (I was in a frenzy of excitement).

I prepared two little canvasses with acrylic paint, silver and gold fine powder. I then edited the photograph to make a positive and a negative image and printed them onto copy paper. I applied a dry transfer solution to the copy and placed it over the painted canvas. I’m very impatient but know from experience that you must wait for it to dry properly. 24 hours pass.

The next step, dampen the copy and gently rub away the paper in careful circles, it’s messy and vigorous rubbing can cause the image to disappear altogether (been there)! Eventually, because it is labour intensive, the tree image appears like a print and a little more rubbing made the painted background appear. Then remove all the soggy baubles of paper gloop.

The waiting game is back on. When finally dry, I drew over the tree in places and added more paint details and sealed with varnish. I love to experiment with art, always trying new approaches to the wonder I see about me”.

When Recalling Spring and Autumn Leaves, framed canvas

The Phoenix in The Mist

Mixed media, dry transfer, acrylic silver and gold fine powder, pencil and ink, framed canvas


Sarah Thornton


CLICK + COLLECT: Leeds: Art Roundhay Park

The Mansion Conservatory, Roundhay Park, Mansion Lane, Leeds, LS8 2HH. 

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